Fipps is an angry box like creature, his existence is only slighty less pointless than the occupants of the TOR OT.


Having been around since 2008, Fipps can rightly claim to be one of the veterans of TOR, despite not posting as much as, say, Darka or Meesh. His most significant moment was a huge rant against casual players, which then lead to several people including Torm, Meesh, Lepras, Fallenchicken and Space_Gimp responded with angry flames. Despite this apparent bias, Fipps wishes to be a member of Umbra Tutela, but he's so bad, because he gets owned by the guy with the rope.

A photo of Fipps in real life.

Denies the existence of an alter-ego/girlfriend who goes by the name of Starch.

Fipps is such a cutie...