Is a Dark Poet.Edit

I Have Asked These Questions to Myself The Three Times I Have tried to Take My Life. It Is a Hard Thing to Accept and I Know That I Would Be Very Selfish If I Would Take My Life, But So Far Everything as been a deep-ShitHole For Me. In 8 Years I have Stood out With This Deep Pain In My Heart, Mind and Soul.

My Mind is scarred, My Soul Is Broken and My Heart.... My Heart Is soon as black as Night Itself. I Cannot Understand Why I just can't Jump In front Of that Damn Train Once it passes in front of me. It's Like something is holding me back but I don't what It is.

Maybe It is Fear, and I am Just a Coward Or maybe It's Because of The Love I still Fell Even though I know It's a Forsaken Love that I Shouldn't and Cannot Hold. Maybe This World Would do Better Than me? After all, I would Not do anything good In It.

I Don't Need your Advice Nor your Sympathy..... I Just Wanted to Write this down and Perhaps Feel Better For a Little While Until The Pain Kicks In again.