Emerald Gaming
Formed: Dunno
Acronym: EG
Motto/Slogan: Articles, News, Reviews and More! All at the EG forums!
Status: Sonic
Type: Sonic
Leader(s): Jetbounty
Officers/Contacts: Azzy, Bot
Member Count: 90+

Emerald Gaming is a website created by Jetbounty (aka Gaming Misfit) that is completely created for him and his friends from It was a Sega site... then they decided to go all out and make it Sonic... yea...

Invasion of EGEdit

"Release the Burkman!"

- Zeus upon releasing the greatest monster in his kingdom

Emerald Gaming was made solely for Jet and his friends. However, he felt that he should invite friends from the OT. At the time, the OT had already relocated to New OT. Jet told his friend Branch and told him to invite more except SoupWithSauce. He may have told Soup possibly about EG. Who knows? >.> Anyhoe, Soup then told the rest of the New OT and they swamped the primitive site, to be banned upon user creation.

A month or two later, Jetbounty decided to make a more current version of Emerald Gaming. Branch so nicely said he'd do it, but was harshly turned away from Jet. When the new site was created on forumotion, Branch was allowed in, as long as he didnt tell the OT. Branch was still scorned by Jet defying him and leaked the site in the OT chat. Soon OTers rushed EG worse than the last. BuddyBurkman, who had been in a flame war with Jet in the past days or weeks became part of the invasion. He delivered a crushing blow against the small, young forum. His actions are forbidden by tongue for OTers. The newly dubbed Gaming Misfit created an Emerald Empire to keep the OTers out of his land. All were banned besides Branch who trolled at a mild level.


Jetbounty (Gaming Misfit)Edit

The Admin and Founder of Emerald Gaming. Also a Fallen Great OTer who felt that New OT was no longer fit for his high-and-mighty ass. He openly discusses his hate for the OT and then wonders why he's bullied there. Jet has "left" the OT two or three times because of his war with Burkman and the rest of the OT. He always comes back however.

He suffers from autism and wants to go to Africa before he turns 3.


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Hypah is one of the members who joined the New OT shortly after being banned from EG.