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Join Date: November 2008
Avatar: Furry Jawa
Gender: Male
Guild(s): The OT Alliance
Other Group(s): Wolfpack, British OT?
Alternate Account(s): Unknown
Banned Account(s): Unknown
Allies: Wolfpack, rest of OT
Enemies: OT when he causes crap
Current Location: The OT Alliance
Game Info
Class: SI on European servers
Role-Play: No

"Homosexuals are gay"

- Daroska

Daroska is a awesome lurker gone awesome troll. Once cocaine addict and used to live on 123 fake street. Well known for his sarcasm, obsession with linking images to make his point and shapeshifting profiles.


Book Of Gand

He made the Book of Gand, an unholy holy book which will one day call forth Gand, the almighty father of nothingness. The creation of this masterpiece made Daroska earn the title of "Gandhi" or "Gandalf" and such other privileges, like the excessive use of Gand to replace common words by his followers.

The religion has disappeared, but it has been rumoured it will return once more when the cake is not a lie!

Lord Of Lurkers

The unofficial official Lord of Lurkers is Daroska, taking seat on his throne as the most quiet watcher of all. Undisputed since 08, as is the nature of lurkers to not post but just watch events unfold. 3 years reigning. When people watch instead of post it is because of his presence. He's an almighty god to other mere lurkers.

Hoard Of Cookies

It is said that Daroska one day had travelled there and back again, then back again. In this place he went to, he collected a large amass of giant cookies (a possible reason for all his fortune). Many a lost soul have tryed to infiltrate his cookie trove or find the location of this forgotten bakery.

History Shit

"The causas of events are ever more interesting than the events themselves." - Daroska contemplating


Oh yes.

Joining the TOR forums in November 08, he lurked and posted lore stuff in the GD.

He explored the many depths of the GD intill his curious searching hunger was sated. Thinking he needed a break from all that crap, he spent a holiday in the OT forums: trying to organize it. But it was mostly a foolish venture.

The cycle repeated itself untill he found his break - drugs, mon. The good posts came from it. Random crap happened for a while, the OT Purge, bannings, warnings, suspensions, stealing signatures. Or maybe he all just thought that shit up. No idea (I'm just the messenger in this, don't shoot me!). Later he pounced on the chance of annoying Drowsi around 2010. Supposedly stalking him in real life, eating his sammiches.

The Rubber Ducky Alliance

The Deletion came round 'bout this time in the day, I tink'. By this point he used coffee instead of that mojo the homeless Jamaican down the road made. Of course Daroska assures me this coffee comes from a good source - a pimpin' irishman up the road. Apart from the above which has changed, he also has moved him and some legendary heirloom turtle (which no one will dare speak about it, even under torture) to a new forum.

It was infact the so called 'New OT' brought forth by the OT Alliance. Another guild to rescue the few refugees still about. There he met Wilbourn and Soup. The three got with Colla and created the Wolfpack. The almost leaders of the immortal OT- only rivaled by the powers of Scott. The four were almost mirror versions of the Four Winds that ruled the OT during the Golden Age. They are also Xbox Live friends and play together regularly.

Rest of the shit is for you lot to work out, smart fucks who need jobs.

Put your edit shit here, bitches

Jetbounty: You stole my picture! You bastard!

Feelz: Stop cussing Jet!!!!

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Branch: Nigga plz!!

Causa: Good job. >_>

CollaWars *lights cigar*

Scott: cold blooded bastard