Darka's birth is unknown. His goal is unknown. All that is known of him is he is the most awesome TOR member. He by far holds the record for most post in the forums at over 20,000 posts. This '08er is arguably one of the greatest posters of the forums.

Trademark ItemsEdit

Two of Darka's trademark items are known as the Seal of Approval and the Hat'O Awesome.

The SealEdit


One of the many Seals

The Seal of Approval is a sign that something is beyond awesomeness. Any guild blessed with this is destined to be win. Forum members blessed with it are win no matter what. When they have typos, the Dictionary people make the typo a word.

The Hat

The Hat'O Awesome is awesome. And is an old codger cap that TOR's resident Ithorian wears.


Darka get's the Scott Seal of Approval... as soon as he makes one.