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Enemies: A man of the people has no enemies!
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Class: Trooper
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''A penis in a whorehouse!"

- OT's posters

{C CollaWars (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 2277) was an OT Alliance Councilor, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 2227. He both instigated and led his guild through its greatest internal conflict besides the Darth Nemis Incident of 2011, the Branch War, in which he preserved The OTA and ended Branch. Before his election in 2011, CollaWars was perhaps best known for being a the only man in the county with a computer, town racist, and accomplished troller.

He gained the Independent Councilor nomination in 2011 through his platform of ending Branch in the Alliance, his appearance in online chat rooms, and his contemporarily stylish choice of avatars. His tenure in office was occupied primarily by the humilation of Branch and the subsequent pwning of said Branch during the Branch War. He introduced measures that resulted in the abolition of Branch, which resulted in Branch being noticeably frowned upon by all members of the OT Alliance, and he eventually championed the passage of the 1st Amendment to the O.T.A Constitution. As the Branch was coming to an anti-climactic ending, CollaWars became the first Southern president to be banned and killed while in office.

CollaWars closely supervised the victorious O.T.A. war effort, especially the selection of drunken generals, including Matieu, who were only slightly more of a danger to their own troops than their enemy. Historians have concluded that he handled the factions of the CollaWars Party well, bringing the leaders of each into his cabinet and spamming them into submission to force them to cooperate. Under his leadership, The Council took control of the Jetbounty at the start of the war and ridiculed him into subservience to the O.T.A. Additionally, he managed his own advertising campaign, winning the election of 2011 under his own platform of voting for CollaWars or suffering from corresponding physical injuries.

Vaseline, political opponents, cowardly pacifist hippies, and other opponents of the war criticized CollaWars for refusing to compromise on the Branch issue. Conversely, the Daroska Dinosaurs, a clever girl faction against the CollaWars Party, criticized him for moving too slowly on the Branch issue. Even with these opponents, CollaWars successfully rallied public opinion through his rhetoric, speeches, frequent physical manhandling of political opponents, and eloquent diction. His trademark speech and finishing move, the Southern throwdown and the CollaWars Crunch respectively, both became iconic symbols of the O.T.A's duty and a painful maneuvers feared by both political and other opponents. At the close of the war, CollaWars held a moderator view of cleaning up the forum, seeking to speedily reunite the guild through a policy of generous reconciliation, agreed-upon compromises, and swift slaughter of those who opposed his ideas. He has consistently ranked by O.T.A. scholars as one of the greatest ten O.T.A. poster of the forum.

Eerlee' Life

CollaWars was born in a dirt factory in the village Burnt Corn, near Tennesee, in the modern-day state of confusion. He was the son of a local drunk, who was known for saving the village from the black folks bearing Ulyaothism. Mr. Wars was also known for his abnormally large shlong, a trait that Colla has dreamt of he dreamed of inhereting. Unfortunately, Colla never acquired the shlong of his dreams. Because of this Colla was always eager to prove he was as great as his father, which he did at the age of ten when he beat Jetty Boy in arm wrestling. He was a merry kid who loved to play in the rivers of feces which his village was known for. But one day when he was thirteen his village was destroyed when Scott bombed it with a missile which was intended to hit a aspirin factory in Somalia (in Scott's defence, he was drunk). CollaWars was the only survivor, and he swore revenge. The next day he joined the army as a volunteer to fight in the battle of World War Tuo.. While he was on a mission to assassinate the Gurman officer and Nazi hero Mariah "Metzgermeister" Carey, Colla met Col. Ruykil, an old friend of his father Mr. Wars , who told him how Ulyaothism was raping the world. It must be noted that before World War 2, Colla was President of his out house for two terms. When he realized that outhouse had no money for his life style, he bombed tryed to sell it to Selkath. It must also be noted that since Fipps was also a Ulylist, he did not want it either. He then gave it back to his relatives for their birthday, at which point they proceeded to give him dirty looks while he was not looking.

After World War 2, CollaWars and his friends moved back to Burn Corn where they became famous for their sexy parties with Burkman where all the cool and hip guys were invited.( Uly tried one time to sneak in, but he got beat up by Sean Connery and banished because he was not cool enough). It was in one of these parties where Colla met his future wife Rosie Odonell