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CarrotTop is on the enlightened path to internet stardom following in the footsteps of other internet sensations such as Raptor Jesus and Nhuck Corris. CarrotTop frequently is found trolling the Habbo boards and making people laugh at him. He also is the known GM of the Softcore Pr0n gaming community Umbra Tutela.


CarrotTop began his endeavors in March of 2009 raging popular trolls in OT like ænonymous, Sobchack, ComeBetty, and the late Torn. It is not widely known that CarrotTop was the last person to befriend Torm before his exile from the ToR forums. CarrotTop was also the third OT member to create an account on the selkath forums named muffmuff.

CarrotTop as an Internet 

CarrotTop's first major step into the spotlight was in a thread entitled Let's make potatoes an Internet Sensation. OT member Voxx made him an instameme instantly. Other meme allusions were created to appease CarrotTop and get him on his way to internet stardom.

Muffin Alah


Success Carrot

The Let's make Carrot and Internet thread was given a score of 1.9/11 by OT member Slototh, a score unmatched of in OT history.

Al'Qaida member JaelanMustal stated Awesome and amazing thread is awesome and amazing. He pissed all over CarrotTop afterwards.

"I support Carrot's quest for Internet, and he's the only motherf***ing carrot that gets that from me." - Sobchack

"You give it to coffins?" -JediMasterLepras

"He's the reason for the term "stud muffin." No mortal can defeat a stud muffin." -Sobchack

CarrotTop and the Lightsaw/Chainsaber

Carrotbottom is the inventor of the  most retarded Chainsaber hilt attachment and proponent of the lightsaw. Over a course of five consecutive days and five seperate threads MuffinTop and BrowncoatFox fought for the implementation of the Lightsaw/Chainsaber in SWToR. Many argued that the creation of such devices was impossible to create technologically. MuffinTop used the logic against such ney sayers stating that in a IP that had ships that could destroy planets, create supernovas, and where a magical power called the force existed these weapons could be created.