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Join Date: August 2010
Avatar: No Specific Avatar
Gender: Manly Man
Guild(s): The OT Alliance
Other Group(s): The Hatemachine
Alternate Account(s): Unknown
Banned Account(s): N/A
Allies: OT
Enemies: People who piss him off, Banana
Current Location: New OT
Game Info
Class: Not ingame
Role-Play: Hell no

"You fucking suck."

"Yeah, I'll rip out your fucking heart and eat it."

- Burkman on numerous occasions

Burkman is a 10er and sadist in the OT. He is one of the few members that came to the New OT before the Deletion. I don't cuss as much as I used to, dumbass.


Originally BuddyBurkman (changed when he became less of a 'buddy' lol) he used to be a lesser known member, but worked his way up and is going into the Navy. Buddy has gotten in arguments with several people on several occasions including CollaWars, Daroska, Jetbounty, Wilbourn, and others.

These arguments are often over the fact he plans on joining the Navy. All in all Buddy is an awesome (Blow it out your ass, guy who crossed that out) guy who just doesn't get that much love from the OT is now a respected member. He built his way up from nothingness and proved himself through the hard trials of the OT. His abilities to be serious and verbally aggressive are off the charts. The monster that is Burkman is capable of slaughtering a whole country with the blink of an eye, and he has a fair amount of people he can talk with in the OT. An epic person.

The source of his anger and hostility comes from a place called The Hatemachine. A forum community which Burkman was a part of years before the events of the New OT and even the TORums. Filled with people who do nothing but fuck around and post pornographic pictures. All this is in the past. A whole lot has happened since angry days. A broken leg, some broken dreams and a move to NY later, Burkman is now in, well, New York going back to college, but is also battling depression and high levels of anxiety (surprise, surprise).

The New OT

Clash of the titansKRAKEN

Buddy on a bad day

Before he joined up with the OT Alliance Forum, much of his profanites were obviously censored on the the Official SWTOR Forum. Because of this, he never cussed as often, but still had a hobbit (wut) of putting people down while not giving a flying shit whether he got an infraction or not. He is known to have had threesomes with Time and Space and tearing fools in to pieces.

Currently the only other Admin besides Scott of New OT. Some fear of his powers, but most know he wont do anything to drastic. He has spouts with many OTers. Namely, Banana.

Burkman has departed from the OT because of internet failure. When he said he was losing it, he feared it would be for a very long time. And so it has been running on for 4 months atleast. Returning from the grave, Burkman once again returned to the OT to assume his admin position.  Eventually, Burkman took a vacation from his Admin position and Uly had took his place. But after good while, he once again returned to his Admin position where he belongs. And thus Burkman will forever remain an admin on the New OT until the end of times.


Burkman has a potent distaste for mormons.

Burkman is a pansexual.

Burkman has formed a strong friendship with Torm.