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Allies: Matieu, Bobabounty, Jetbounty and more
Enemies: Pewps, Fipps, Selkath (forums)
Current Location: The New OT, SWTOR
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Class: Jedi Knight (Guardian)
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Branch is best known as the Founder of the OT Alliance. He created the name and signature and forfeited the Presidency to Matieu who hired him as VP. Later down the road the Council voted him out of the Vice President position.



Orginally Branch was a member of the SW Discussion where he posted occasionally and sometimes in the Jedi Consular forums. He became a regular of the famed Star Wars Game Kotor edition made by other future OT member, Meatlocker. Eventually, he made two himself which started out pretty good. With his two and the Kotor edition came a Bounty Hunter version which was created by Mirdthestrill who would become a long time friend of Branch.

But the Mods didn't see the Games fit. So they moved them to the OT. All of them. Mird, Meat and Branch worked to get the Games back to the SW Discussion. But proved unsuccessful. So the three decided to settle in the OT, but were hated for bringing the games to the OT.

Becoming known

One of the members of the OT known as Bobabounty created his own version of the game which included known members of the OT, such as Torm, Colla, and Sobchak. Only he left out a user known as SurgeonIII who kept adding himself, but to be removed again by Boba. This pissed Boba off, so the amused Branch decided to join in. Boba defended himself saying Branch wasn't known enough, but Branch kept going. Finally, Boba told the Mods to delete the Games and he would remake them... again.

In the New and Improved OT Game, Branch would meet people that would be some of his greatest friends. Matieu and Jet were the highest of these. Matieu being a new member had no friends and became friends with Branch and Surgeon. Jet was 12 which made a lot of people not like him. Branch was also reunited with friend, Mirdthestrill. Together they made a team which became known as the Angels of Death. The team helped eachother in the Games while picking a target at the same time.

The Alliance

"The OT Alliance: Kicking names and taking butts!"

~ Branch on the subject of the OT Alliance

No, a little to the left. NO! to the right!

November 16, 2010, Branch posts the OT Election for the unnamed OT guild. He of course runs himself as well along with Bobabounty and IsaacRedcorn in the Postican Election. The Postican Election was won by Branch when Isaac recieved numerous votes that ended up to be alts. The alts were found to be a troll's named XFracture attempting to troll the Elections. Either way he was removed from the races.

In the Trollocrat Elections Gloober was in the lead by a large margin with Matieu as second place. But Gloober had misread the General Election. He then withdrew from the election leaving Matieu to win. Finally, came the the General Election with Branch against Matieu. Throughout the Election was a tight lead for Branch. Even though Fiat's 10 alts were voting for him. Two days before the end of the Elections, Branch resigned from the running making Matieu the President of the Guild.

The young child. New a fresh. There were many that disagreed with it. They attacked the thread home of the new OT Alliance. Trolling it because "it is like the other OT guilds, it will never last". Yet the few pushed on. These included Branch himself, President Matieu, Fiat, BleakandDead, DarthCasus, UDL and jedibantha. The OT Alliance has strived since its creation and nobody speaks badly of it.



- Branch's reaction to the OT Deletion

All was well in the Alliance. Branch as the acting VP was busy recruiting members and negotiating with other guilds. At the time he was on a trip to see some relatives. When he came back he attempted to post in his resurrected OT Cantina. But then he thought it was closed. Then he saw the thread that told of the OT's closing and its fate yet to come.


Branch's first visual OT creation!

He and the other members of the OT Alliance rallied all known OTers to their site for protection and a place to renew the OT. Later in the New OT, Branch was removed from the Vice Presidency as well as other Councilors. After that relations with OT went down as he made an enemy of old friends, Bobabounty and President Matieu in an event known as the Branch Wars.

Eventually, of course the old friends made a truce and all is well with the most historical group in the OT. Branch also started the OT Legacy fanfics (originally called The OT Alliance). This boosted his popularity a bit as well as improving his writing skills. In the sequal fic, Scott became a co-writer.


Branch is set to get married to his fiance, Helga Morpheus, on September 12th in Akron, Ohio

Mick Jagger is Branch's cousin

Mick Jagger is also Branch's uncle

Branch loves seafood

Mick Jagger is ALSO Branch's mother

Branch claims to live in Texas, when in reality, he lives in New Mexico

Branch lives in Nevada

Branch is good friends with Mick Jagger

Branch is gender confused and lives in a shoe