'"It has been so humid lately...

I can relate."


Bobabounty is an alright poster from the general forum opinion. His mannerisms and behaviours are like BuddyBurkman, though, so he can cause people to dislike him on several occasions. But most people assuredly believe he is just doing this to try and troll people around. Making him an ok person!

The Secret Opinion

He's a Kanye. But don't mention it though, because if you do he will " loose his cool " and you won't like him when he looses his cool. He might start getting angry and claiming " he's not angry. " He'll throw chairs while trying to act smart to a degree. Though, Boba thinks up good challenges from what people say, so you can give him that.

Territory Wars

Boba has been in many wars in his past days- wars with Matieu over territory claim, wars with Vidgamer for womenz. They were long and hard, these wars. Most of them Boba lost. However, unlike some people on the old OT forum, he came back out alive and what looks to be well. A veteran of surviving, as it were.