Forum Info
Join Date: October 2008
Avatar: Old Jedi Master
Gender: Male
Guild(s): Order of the Unifying Force
Other Group(s): N/A
Alternate Account(s): N/A
Banned Account(s): N/A
Allies: <----- somewhere over thar
Enemies: If any, they fear to show it
Current Location: Game, his guild site
Game Info
Class: Idk
Role-Play: Dunno

He is a veteren member of the OT but visits rarely now because it has just got silly mostly.

He used to troll alot and was well known for his awesome brand of humour, but limits his trolling severely now since the great purge.

He runs a super awesome guild.

He is a Selkath regular.

Best Friends:






Bluestone has just learned the words pene and vahena in spanish (spelling differs from that written here)

Bluestone would like to say to you: Buenos Dios Me Llammo Te Quiero Pene. (spelling again, is likely wrong) Good(s) God My Name Is I Love You Penis (yes i speak spanish and thats what it says)

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