Bleak-Revanchist Extrordanaire.

Bleak was a Revanchist during the Dark Era. He was joined in 2011 and left when banned around the start of 2012. He did make an alt named JokersAce, but rarely used it.

He was a founding member of The OT Alliance and became a Sith Councilor. However, due to his ban, he did not make the transfer to New OT. His most notable feat (also his acceptence into the OT way) was when he made a /sparta kick to a member telling of his sad life. This sparked a laughing frenzy between many '08ers, including Titan and Bluestone (I think).

Though he is of little importance, he will be remembered like Darth Maul or Qui-gon. Probably Qui-gon because they brought Maul back >.<. The point is, even with a short lifespan in the eyes of the people that matter, he will not be forgotten.