Adis supports Trandoshans as a playable species! Update: Daniel Erickson crushed my dreams with fairly intelligent arguments. Ah well. Human/Miraluka, here we go!

Adis was the king of the OT, when no one saw.

That no one saw his only great time in his life is his greatest shame, which he tries to hide all the time.

Ever since the posts in the OT where cut off from the post count, Adis has fled the OT for an indefinite time.

A Fistful of Galactic CreditsEdit

Dex: "That depends."

Obi-Wan: "Depends on what Dex?"

Dex: "On how well your manners are, and how big your pocketbook is."

Adis is one poor bastard. He hopes that his not-so-mighty pocketbook will support TOR.

But despite his financial status, Adis prefers a monthly cost over the abomination known as microtransactions.


Adis loves Trandoshans. In fact, he's a bit sad that the Jedi Knight doesn't seem to get a Trando companion.

Adis will change his avatar to a Trandoshan when such an avatar is released. He's hoping for a Qyzen Fess biography and avatar to still his Trando hunger. Until then, he'll just continue to hide behind a helmet-avatar to hide his (pretty) lizard face.

Maximum stupidityEdit

Adis thinks that writing in third person is fucking weird.