Let me first say that "Aaronfett" is awesome.

And he is the inspiration for many OT members, such as: "Visper_Mirra" who thinks he has the best signature ever.

Aaronfett, joined the forums in April, and has been one of the most recognizeable posters there ever since.

Aaronfett, has also won two of the "Last One To Post Wins" threads.


Aaronfett, also is secretly "Cthulhu" planing to overthrow the moderation.


So in conclusion, Aaronfett is awesome.

Everyone is fond of owls ~Aaronfett A.K.A. Cthulhu


Post what you think of Aaronfett:

1. I think he's gay. - A gay person

2. I think he's mando - A mando person