"To arms! To arms!"

- OTers on New Years Eve awaiting the coming of the '11ers

'11ers were the last group that was on the Torums. Its is the smallest (besides the nearly unpopulated '12ers) group in the system. Because of the amount of failure that the '10ers brought in the year before, '11ers were a scary thought for OTers. The belief came true as many were noobs and idiots who predicted the coming of a second Purge (they were all good-two-shoes) and the death of the OT.

One of the sweet points of the Deletion was that there were no more '11ers. Only 3 came out of the '11er wave plus the first OTers to be pure New OTers. The '11ers get all their fame from Wilbourn. ALL OF IT.

Known '11ersEdit

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