"Fucking '10ers."

- '08ers and '09ers in mid-2010

'10ers are the bringers of the Dark Era. Not to say they were all bad. A lot were good. But with the good came a large proportion of bad. Why this is, is unknown (maybe TOR was becoming more popular in media???). Anyway, the '10ers were largely frowned upon by '09ers and '08ers.

However the majority of '10ers sucked, the few that were good would become influential in the OT's survival. Learning from the past of the Purge and of legends such as Sobchak and Torm, '10ers became interested and started attempting to create their own marking stones. These include the Noobs. Who would be the base of The OT Alliance who's site (created by Scott) is the permanent New OT that kept the OT alive.

Known '10ersEdit

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