Mirena rhee jedy temple
'"Hail the '08ers!"

-Average OTer

'08ers are the veteran members of the Torums and OT. They were members that joined the Torums from October to December in the year 2008. The founding members of the OT way of life were all '08ers. A majority of OT '08ers were banned in the Great Purge.

In 2010, being an '08er was nearly whorship worthy. Through 2009, many '08ers and pre-Purge '09ers had left due to strict Moderation or too many noobs. When an '08er posted in a thread in 2010 and 2011, other members would side with them. This gave them a strategic advantage for trolling. Thus, cementing their power.

In New OT, '08ers were the prime target to bring back. Many members were '08ers. Scott, an '08er, was the creator and Head Admin of New OT. Later they would aquire faces such as Torm, SithBadger and Alundo.

Known '08ersEdit